Jap eats

There is one simple reason why I love Japanese cuisine: the emphasis on freshness and simplicity.

Take this luxurious platter of premium sashimi for example. It consists only of the freshest cuts of choice raw fish and minimal garnishings of seaweed and daikon, accompanied by some shoyu and wasabi paste. The result, however, is an explosion of creamy, fatty yet fishy flavours. When we had finished the platter, I really wanted more but I must have imbibed along with the sashimi some quintessential Japanese restraint, because I convinced myself that I should cherish the flavours for memory’s sake instead of over-indulging.

The sad thing is that after this omakase meal at Tomo Fine Dining, I have been disappointed with the sashimi at every single Japanese restaurant I patronised since. Not firm or fatty or sweet enough, too thinly sliced,

I must bring the fiance to Tomo when he gets back (maybe it can be his belated birthday present)!



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2 responses to “Jap eats

  1. Hello nice to meet you.
    KO-N-NI-CHI-WA (^_^)v
    I am Japanese.
    I saw your wonderful site.
    Please link to this site !

  2. Where’s Tomo Fine Dining??? I wanna try, too!!!

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